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Cooking with children to teach them


 Even if all the kids are going to do is sprinkle a pinch of salt with the salt, they get really excited about helping out in the kitchen. And not only that, but they get eager to taste what they've made (after all, they have to make sure it tastes good). Getting children used to the habit of cooking and tasting their own food will also help them learn healthy food. They will learn more and be more willing to accept the food that is presented to them because of going through this kind of hands-on experience themselves
 All children are completely different from each other, some of them eat everything that is placed in front of them, and some of them dominate the choice of food. This can sometimes make dinner time a challenge since most of them belong to this second group. But teaching children certain eating habits can be a valuable tool  
while teaching healthy eating


 Enjoy your time while cooking with the kids


One of the most effective ways to get kids excited about dinner is to get them involved in the cooking process. If you're looking for foods to cook with the kids, don't worry, they don't necessarily need to be whisking egg whites together or using dangerous tools.


Kids are happy with the simplest things: give them a cooking apron, a chef's hat and a wooden spoon and then take a picture of them. Make them the stars of the moment by treating them like real chefs! Next, ask them to stir in ingredients, sprinkle with salt or seasoning, arrange the dish before putting it on the table, or do any other fun (but simple) cooking related tasks. They'll like it when parents ask them for their expert opinion: "What do you think—does this recipe need more

Cooking can be a fun game for the whole family to play, and this game will undoubtedly increase children's interest in their food. It will make them want to sit at the table and sample their creativity. Cooking is also a great time to teach them about different foods, their varied textures and flavours, and the reasons why certain foods are so important for a growing body. The kitchen counter can be a bit messy at the end of the evening, but it's worth it


After that, the game can be continued. Just pretend you're in a restaurant, and the kids are the waiters and kitchen staff. Clap them when they prepare a delicious meal. Or, play Guess the Chef and have the people at the dinner table “guess” who made the meal in front of them (your kids will love getting to know and appreciating them). Let their imaginations run wild, and you can rest assured that they will benefit from the time they invested in this game you designed for them. They will start wanting to eat their dinner, and 
maybe even eat it all
Go to the kitchen and ask your kids to do the cooking


The goal should never be to force children to eat: it creates an unacceptable atmosphere that you will not allow at the dinner table. Don't force them to eat certain things, get angry with them, or make promises to keep them in return for them being obedient. It is best to plan fun meals with the children, or to identify fun ways for them to interact with the food, which will lead to much better results. Even a child who does not show any interest in cooking enjoys preparing the finished dish. The road to getting them used to eating right is a long and arduous one, but it can also be full of fun and satisfaction, despite the myriad challenges