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Food preparation skills in a fun and healthy way for children


Special occasions are the perfect opportunity to unleash your child's creativity and prepare some fun and healthy alternative recipes in place of traditional party food. And unlike mass-produced recipes that often contain excessive amounts of sugar and low-quality fats, these baby-safe recipes contain fruits, vegetables, whole grains and natural sweeteners. They are healthy and colorful, so kids are happy to share them with their friends over a special breakfast, or on their first day of school. Let's look at four simple, nutritious, and super fun meals to make with kids!




The Art of Preparing Safe Food for Kids: Making Shapes from Fruits and Vegetables


If it's strawberry season, you're in luck; Thanks to its bright red color and delicious flavour, this beautiful, compact fruit gives us many ways to play. All you need is some strawberries, some melted chocolate, and blueberries to make the head. Also, grapes, pomegranate and passion fruit are ingredients that children can play with and use to decorate different shapes. For example, they can use grapes to shape the nose and pomegranates to add some freckles and half a passion fruit to get a surprised mouth expression. You can use different types of fruits to celebrate the change of season. In this way, they will be introduced to seasonal fruits. Check out more ideas here!




No special breakfast is complete without muesli


These simple, delicious and healthy lollipops are sure to be a favorite of parents and kids! In addition, preparing it is very interesting. All you need is: muesli, lollipop sticks, one banana and tahini or peanut butter.


Muesli offers a wide range of options. Kids can decorate the breakfast bowl by creating an autumn landscape, with muesli representing fallen leaves and raisins representing tree trunks. Unleash their imaginations to create amazing shapes. Finally, homemade muesli can be a very cute recipe that can be made with children as well. Pastries that are made with children are not limited to cakes that contain loads of sugar!




Creative ideas for preparing colorful food for children


Kids love popcorn, but store-bought popcorns usually contain added artificial ingredients. We will give you a solution to that problem. Make sure you have the right apron! Make your popcorn with a high-quality oil, such as extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil. Meanwhile, prepare beet juice to color the popcorn. It's easy to make this juice (you can use a blender or make it manually): Peel the beets and squeeze the peel into your fist to extract the pink liquid. Use a spray bottle to color the popcorn. The kids will want to do this job, why don't you leave it to them?




Projects for the art of preparing food using pancakes


Kids will have a lot of fun collecting different pie pieces together. They can design animal shapes, by using pancakes to shape the body and using fruits as decorations to add details. Some decorating options include: strawberries for the nose, banana slices for the eyes, and blueberries or chocolate chips for the iris. You can use vegetables such as broccoli or cauliflower to make trees or shrubs, so that the animals can be placed in their natural habitat. Christmas breakfast is the perfect opportunity to design these shapes!


These are just some of the recipes that you can prepare with the kids. They will make your day so much fun and the kids will surely love the healthy shapes they make themselves. We don't mind having some fun while preparing healthy food! These activities may reinforce healthy eating habits in children, without them even realizing it