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How to persuade people who refuse to eat vegetables to eat them

 Are you having a hard time getting your kids to eat vegetables? Well, you are not alone. Introducing an adequate amount of different vegetables in children's meals is a difficult task, and no child is born with a natural lover of vegetables. It takes time, a lot of patience, and some clever techniques to turn a vegetable lover into a veggie lover. Sometimes it's about preparing the meal with a different texture or serving it in a different way. Keep reading and discover tricks to make vegetables the most attractive food for kids.




Follow the rule of six times


It is the golden rule that every father or mother must master to get their children who refuse to eat a certain food to try new foods. The "six times rule" is based on the theory that new things must be exposed a few times to become familiar. The rule is simple: kids can't say for sure that they don't like a particular food until they've tried it in six different situations. This turns vegetables into a familiar and reliable type of food. You may be surprised to see that most children will change their minds about vegetables after six times. If this method works once, children will be more receptive to trying any new foods.




Involve the children in the whole process


It is a good idea to get your children involved and introduce them to new foods. Ask them to help you choose the vegetables to eat and prepare them together. Involve them in rinsing vegetables, cooking food, or putting them on dishes. Let them give free rein to their imagination in designing the shape of the dishes and decorating them with vegetables of different colors and shapes. When children feel proud that they have prepared the food themselves, they will often be able to try new food.




Use a variety of cooking methods


For some children, it may be more about the texture of the vegetables than the taste. You can try different cooking methods to see if your kids prefer one method over the other. They may not like steamed broccoli, but they may like creamy broccoli. They may absolutely hate grated carrots, but they love them fried on low heat, which makes them taste even tastier.


The vegetables are so versatile and so diverse that the options are almost endless. You can bake them, fry them in coconut oil to give them a sweet flavour, mix them, steam them, or just serve them raw. The point is to try! And among those attempts, why not try changing the fork with a spoon or vice versa? Sometimes changing the minds of people who refuse to eat a particular food is as simple as that.




add some eggs


We've saved the most exciting ideas for the end. Another very practical trick for getting your kids to eat vegetables is to add some eggs. Kids don't mind eating one egg a day, if it tastes good. Turning cooked vegetables into an omelet can work the magic. Your kids may love vegetables now.