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Kids party activities with healthy food


Who doesn't like parties? They are very entertaining and usually include important lessons for children to play nicely together. There is no doubt that food forms a large part of these festivities. Unfortunately, most party foods, such as candy, pizza, hot dogs, or chips, are high in sugar and saturated fat.


You don't need to serve up dishes that are difficult to prepare or dishes that cost a lot of money to put together a great kids birthday party menu. Eating healthy doesn't have to be boring, but it doesn't have to be complicated either. All it takes is a few simple dishes that are prepared in a fun and natural way for the kids to enjoy. Read on to discover healthy and fun food preparation ideas.




Fruit Drinks Label


How can you prepare a healthy fruit drink with different colors? All you have to do is choose the healthy ingredients and then mark the drinks with cartoon characters for the kids to recognize. The idea is to create a drinks section where you can arrange all kinds of different fruit drinks or juices, put each drink in a bottle, or serve it in individual glass jars with labels with the drinks' names. Here you can find some ideas for naming drinks:

With fruit drinks and green smoothies, Mard and Shoshney from Monsters Inc., Shrek or Hulk are always good ideas. Enjoy a delicious fruit drink that boosts the immune system!
With Pink Panther Cake, Barney Cake or Strawberry Cake, enjoy a multi-layered fruity drink made of coconut and blueberries.
Check out this banana and date fruit drink named after Scooby-Doo, Scrat, or Bomba characters.
Kids will love the raspberry smoothie, which you can name as Elsa, Cinderella, or Tin and Reindeer.



Healthy Pizza Pops


Pizza is a favorite among children and adults, but sometimes this option is less than what we prefer from a health point of view. It might not be a good idea to serve up a whole pizza as a party snack. But what about splitting pizza dough and making several bite-sized pizzas? This way, you can choose from a variety of toppings to put on your pizza as often as you like!


After you've finished preparing the mini pizza, put a stick of grill stick in the pizza to a quarter length and leave it in a horizontal position until it cools. When served, you can stick it on the 3D semi-circular surface of the PU. If you're looking for ideas on how to make a healthier pizza, you may want to try our Low Fat Pizza Recipe.




Self Service Center


Children like to make their own decisions for themselves at a very young age. If you give them freedom to choose, they are more likely to choose the food you want to choose for them. What if you were the one to decide the types of food they could choose from? Creating a self-service center is the ideal solution!


The idea is to provide a space where the kids can have tortillas and fill them with different healthy foods. And to make things more interesting, use boards and write the name of each option you make on them. This way, kids can explore new flavors and discover the flavors they like. Giving children different options is the best way to get them to try new things, especially when they are watching other children taste those flavours.


Here are a few recipes you can use to create a self-serve centerpiece, with an emphasis on tortilla chips, fillings, and sauces.


Have you ever imagined tortillas made with cauliflower? Well, now you can imagine it. Introducing our cauliflower tortilla recipe! When it comes to stuffing, we have a lot of different options that kids will love. Hamburgers are always a tasty treat for kids. But what about making it smaller and making it healthier? You can prepare a small salmon burger with chickpeas and lentils recipe. It is a perfect recipe similar to chicken and spinach, providing protein, carbohydrates and vegetables in one serving. It's also delicious! A black bean burger is an alternative to an animal protein burger. Serve it with some chopped vegetables, such as: tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, or anything else to make the meal more healthy!


Most classic party sauces contain sugars, preservatives, and colourings. But we've got you covered with our Roasted Beet and Chickpea Sauce (three different alternatives are available here). Sauces can be a very amazing idea to serve as a finger food at parties.




healthy birthday cake


No birthday party is complete without a cake. However, this does not mean that they are necessarily unhealthy. Why don't we mix zucchini with chocolate? If kids love fruit, banana bread is also a good option.


For kids who prefer traditional cakes, making a traditional birthday party cake will always be an option. But healthier food is always better! Have fun trying our tricolor cake. We are sure kids will love it