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Polenta and broccoli fingers

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Difficulty level


total time


the ingredients

200 grams of polenta

800 ml of water or vegetable stock

1 medium head of broccoli

Two tablespoons of olive oil

Salt and pepper to taste



1. Cut the broccoli into its many small bushes. Then steam it or put it in the microwave until done. Next, mash the broccoli with a fork until it becomes small pieces.


2. Boil water or vegetable stock, then add salt and pepper.


3. When it begins to boil, set the stove on low heat and add the polenta. Stir quickly for 5 minutes, so as not to stick, until the polenta comes to a boil and you get a thick paste.


4. Take it off the stove. Then add the mashed broccoli and olive oil and stir until well combined.


5. Grease a tray with olive oil: pour the dough into it and roll it out so that it is 1/2 cm thick. Then leave it to cool.


6. After it cools, remove the polenta from the tray. Then cut the mold into fingers about 1 cm wide.


7. Before serving, fry them in a tray with a little olive oil until brown.




Did you know that broccoli is high in calcium and that our bodies absorb it very easily? It's not just dairy products that are high in calcium. Almonds, legumes, and grains are also a good source of calcium.

Remember that strong bones are not only made by sun exposure, but also by exercise!


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