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Strawberry and Banana Sweetie Swiss


 the ingredients

20 strawberries

One mashed banana

200 gm unsalted cottage cheese

Step by Step


1. Wash the strawberries well. Then put it in your food processor and whisk it a little bit, so that it doesn't become too liquid.


2. Add strawberries and mashed bananas in a bowl. Then gradually add the amount of cottage cheese to get a good texture.


3. Use seasonal strawberries. If you don't use it, you can use blueberries, red berries, blackberries, papayas, or any other fruit instead.




Cottage cheese is one of the dairy products that has a very high nutritional value actually, but we don't pay attention to it. They are a very good source of protein and can be used in desserts and other savory dishes (such as salads, patés, lasagna noodles, or stuffed quiches). Did you know that it contains almost twice as much calcium and iron as yogurt?